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Latest death year John Harold "Jonny" FARRANDS ‎(I655)‎
Birth 1948 26 Melbourne, Vic
Death 31 October 2011 ‎(Age 63)‎ Melbourne Victoria, Australia
Person who lived the longest
Agnes Gray "Nessy" SAXTON ‎(I1118)‎
Birth 1908 33 33 Victoria, Australia
Death 7 July 2009 ‎(Age 101)‎ Age: 101 Numurkah, Vic, Australia
Average age at death
Males: 61   Females: 71
Family with the most children
Cornelius Joseph Dogger + agnes Edwards ‎(F289)‎
Marriage 1893 Molong, NSW
Average number of children per family
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William SAXTON ‎(I308)‎
Birth November 1831 31 27 Spalding, Linconshire, England
Death 10 April 1924 ‎(Age 92)‎ Numurkah, Victoria, Australia
James PATTERSON ‎(I454)‎
Birth 7 February 1836 Fife, Scotland
Death 28 February 1904 ‎(Age 68)‎ Age: 67 East Numurkah, Victoria, Australia
Agnes Isabel "Aggie" PATERSON ‎(I13)‎
Birth 15 December 1896 31 29 Numurkah, Victoria, Australia
Death 17 October 1985 ‎(Age 88)‎ Dubbo, NSW, Australia
John Hazen FARRANDS ‎(I12)‎
Birth 24 August 1896 37 33 Numurkah, Victoria, Australia
Death 5 January 1975 ‎(Age 78)‎ Dubbo, NSW, Australia
Amos Damon HYLAND ‎(I337)‎
Birth 11 February 1837 Plainfield, WILL, Illinois, USA
Death 19 January 1905 ‎(Age 67)‎ Oakland, California, USA
Mary ann SULLIVAN ‎(I325)‎
Birth 1838 Madras, East India

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