John TEALE + Dianna KABLE

5 children
Birth: 1819 31 30Pitt Town, NSW, Australia
Death: November 27, 1891Windsor, NSW, Australia
Birth: 1821 33 32Pitt Town, NSW, Australia
Death: August 15, 1854Windsor, NSW, Australia
Birth: July 20, 1823 36 34Pitt Town, NSW, Australia
Death: July 29, 1843Windsor, NSW, Australia
Birth: 1825 37 36Pitt Town, NSW, Australia
Death: May 16, 1901Granville, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Birth: 1829 41 40Pitt Town, NSW, Australia
Death: September 12, 1912Wilberforce, NSW, Australia
Birth: February 15, 1787Garforth, Yorkshire, England
Death: October 25, 1851Windsor, NSW, Australia
Birth: December 5, 1788 25 26Sydney Cove, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Death: March 11, 1855Windsor
Birth: 1763 22 25Laxfield, Suffolk, England
Death: March 16, 1846Sydney, NSW, Australia
Birth: 1762Thurlton, Norfolk, England
Death: November 6, 1825Windsor, NSW, Australia

Facts and events

Marriage April 17, 1818
Note: In 1818 John Teale married Dianna Kable, who was b…

In 1818 John Teale married Dianna Kable, who was born in the colony, the daughter of Henry and Susannah Kable and he was then assigned to Dianna. Dianna was a widow, having previously been married to William Gawdry, (Gawdry is spelt various ways) by whom she had a child,also named William. They were married in the old St. Matthew’s Church, Bridge Street, Windsor, part of a two storey construction used as a school, a church, a court house and as the schoolmaster’s residence. John received a conditional pardon in 1821. Reference:- Carruthers, Carol. 'John Teale and the Endeavour Mill Windsor', Hawkesbury Historical Soceity Newsletter Feb 2007 p. 1

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