William Littleton GAUDRY + Dianna KABLE

No children
Birth: December 5, 1788 25 26Sydney Cove, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Death: March 11, 1855Windsor
Birth: 1763 22 25Laxfield, Suffolk, England
Death: March 16, 1846Sydney, NSW, Australia
Birth: 1762Thurlton, Norfolk, England
Death: November 6, 1825Windsor, NSW, Australia

Facts and events

Marriage September 9, 1809
Note: The wedding gained prestige from William's new ran…

The wedding gained prestige from William's new ranking as lieutenant in the Royal Sydney Volunteer Association. The bride was given away by the captain of the ship 'Active'. The marriage certificate is 'number 1' in that church and states 'This is the first marriage solemnnized in Sydney Church', also, the first marriage conducted in Australia by the Reverend William Cowper. William built a fine home on the grant in High Street, received from Colonel Paterson.

Diana was given away by an American, Captain John Bader, the master of one of her father Henry's ships.

Source: Spurway, John, ed. Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record. Series 1, 1788-1841, with series 2 supplement, 1842-1899. Sydney: A.B.G.R., 1992

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